Your furniture is dressed with us!
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Руководство по использованию
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Your furniture is dressed with us!
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operators of Ukraine

Korostensky MDF plant

This is a factory for the production of MDF and HDF boards (Ukraine). The enterprise is designed to produce 900 cubic meters of MDF boards per day, which corresponds to a productivity of about 300,000 cubic meters/year. The database includes everything that is necessary for the production of high-quality products. In addition to the technological line for the production of MDF, the plant has large storage facilities, a network of transport communications, engineering networks. The location of the plant: Korosten, Zhytomyr region.

VINYL GROUP Company (Vinyl Group)

The Vinyl Group company has been operating in the Ukrainian market since April 2009. At the moment, the company offers: PVC films for membrane-vacuum pressing (matte, matte with deep texture, glossy, imitation leather, metallics, fantasy, chameleon), PVC films for glass on an adhesive basis (a variety of patterns and colors for every taste), equipment. Over the years of its activity, Vinyl Group LLC has significantly expanded its range of films. The collection is constantly updated with films of new colors and textures.

Artel Company

Artel LLC is one of the largest private furniture companies in the south of Ukraine. Date of foundation: 1992. The company sells PVC film ArtVinyl, produced in Taiwan for facing furniture elements. The products are presented in a wide range of colors (250 colors), have a variety of relief forms (EMBOSS ROLL) and variants of execution To date, a constant assortment of films is maintained: 45 types of matte and 25 glossy.

TERMOPAL Company (Termopal)

The company specializes in the sale of exclusive and highly glossy PET films, glossy and matte PVC films, furniture accessories, paper for cashing and wrapping, artificial stone, glue, decorative plastics and aluminum profiles. The head office is located in Odessa, representative offices in Kiev and Moscow.

BKU Company

BKU is an Italian design, European quality, new innovative products.BKU Company it was established in 2004 and, having passed a long way of successful development, offers customers new solutions, new products, new technologies: 1) PVC film from the world's leading manufacturers LG Hausys (Korea), Alfatherm SpA (Italy), which attach special importance to create innovative projects and strive to anticipate the annual trends in the field of interior design, fashion and color. 2) Industrial adhesives for furniture production and woodworking from the leading Italian company Durante&Vivanspa. Products of the highest quality quality, taking into account all European standards in the field of safety. 3) Decorative finish a film from the Japanese company ChiyodaEuropaNV, which specializes in creating various 3D effects and textures that are as close to natural as possible. BKU Company strives to be the best in his field, so he uses only high-quality products that meet all international requirements and environmental standards.

HENKEL Company (Henkel)

Founded in 1876 in Germany, the Henkel company is currently represented all over the world. It carries out its activities in three directions: detergents and cleaning products, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, adhesive technologies. The company is a world leader in the production of adhesives, sealants, surface treatments used by both ordinary consumers and in industry.

Ukrainian Association of Furniture Makers (UAM)

Ukrainian Association of Furniture Makers (UAM)It was established on September 22, 2001: in order to consolidate the efforts of furniture industry organizations to protect their rights and develop the furniture industry as a whole. UAM unites companies operating in the furniture market of Ukraine - these are leading manufacturers, sellers, exhibition companies and specialized media, as well as partners in educational programs. The mission of UAM is to create an industry-specific, competent public organization through which: 1) UAM members will have the opportunity to defend the interests of the furniture industry before the state and monopolies; 2) society - jobs; 3) consumers - quality products; 4) the state - taxes and a competitive product of production.

Batteries, give up!

The project "Batteries, give up!" began in the summer of 2013 on the initiative of 3 not indifferent IT workers who wanted to do something useful for Ukraine. We learned that one battery, carelessly thrown into nature, is capable of polluting 16 m2 of land with toxic substances. But we did not find the answer "where to put the used batteries". And we decided to create it! They started opening their own battery collection points and attracting people to this. In the fall of 2018, we made a difficult decision - to leave the volunteer collection of batteries and transfer the collection to companies that can cover the cost of recycling. To do this, we launched the "Boxes" service. From now on, responsible companies can collect batteries with guaranteed recycling and a contribution to the reform. For the processing of Ukrainian batteries, we chose the GreenWEEE plant in Romania.

About the company

The production enterprise "ZGODA", under its own trademark, is engaged in the manufacture of furniture facades, bedside backs, door linings, etc.

In just a few years, our company has taken a leading position in the Ukrainian market, as well as signed contracts with foreign partners.

The wide selection of furniture facades offered by us, with various types of coatings, makes it possible to choose a product with the necessary technical characteristics and operational properties.

We constantly strive to pleasantly surprise our customers with various solutions, novelties, as well as the best quality of products and service.


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