Decorative friezes

Decorative friezes - design elements representing horizontal strips that border the top or bottom of the furniture or spaces between vertically arranged furniture components, wall sheathing or fringe trim, giving it a finished appearance. Decorative friezes inherent in furniture design, more classic types of design solutions, although they may be applied in Art Nouveau style, eclectic, functionalism.
ZGODA company is constantly expanding range of products for kitchen decor and other types of furniture. Decorative friezes were also one of the areas in the multifaceted activities of our company. We develop original design and select colors for decorative friezes, used in furniture design.
If you need to give completeness of furniture composition ZGODA company will manufacture decorative friezes that will adorn for your furniture. Order and manufacture decorative friezes you can by contacting via the feedback form or by calling at the bottom of the page.