Photo printing


Photocopying for furniture facades - this is a great opportunity to turn ordinary furniture into individual project. This service allows you to create an exclusive interior in your house.

Innovative technologies in the process of drawing allow the use of any material used in furniture manufacture and design. We can realize even the most daring and creative solutions.

There may be any experiments. Easily and inexpensively you can transform old kitchen, give it new life. Or order a new kitchen design customized. Wardrobe in the bedroom issue scenery or ornament in the soothing unobtrusive style. To please your child, interior nursery can bring a bit of bright colors, favorite fairy tale characters. Thus, you can transform any room in your home. Most importantly, to the sense of taste is not to argue with a sense of proportion.

ZGODA help implement any ideas into reality. Printed master professionally and quickly perform the work on drawing the chosen pattern on the facade furniture. Create individual and harmonious design of your interior.

Printing on glass is one of the most attractive and spectacular ways of decorating various glass surfaces such as windows, shop windows and mirrors. Today printing technology gives a second life to your already familiar interior or give a kind of a new flavor, only created the furniture in your home environment. According to the technology applied paint not onto the film directly on a surface of the article. Consequently, the lifetime of photo - facades increases, the image quality was higher and caused print conveys the feeling of being full.
ZGODA pleased to provide more useful services for you and your interior!