Direct MDF facades

Direct MDF facades

It's no secret that the kitchen is a special place, the soul of the house. In its settlement and clearance, as in a mirror, one can see a reflection of ourselves. Habitually assume that everything, really comfortable kitchen to a spacious room. If desired, and there is sufficient space, opening unlimited possibilities for the realization of any ideas .

ZGODA talk about how, in a confined space may realize their dreams. In modern European cooking programs and the leading domestic manufacturers exist many different kinds of elements , as well as a wide range of domestic content. With proper creative approach can form a functional and aesthetic composition in any room - as in the open studio space and a small standard kitchen.

The appearance of the kitchen form the facades, which are of her face. They are the most susceptible to light, thermal, mechanical and other types of exposure. The performance of the kitchen and its ultimate value is largely dependent on the materials and techniques used in their manufacture .

Today is very popular MDF fronts. They either are lined with PVC film or coated with enamel or paint and varnish, or finish with wood veneer. Run film coating technology is easy: it is the most economical and provides a variety of fronts to finish. "Under the Tree" is the most popular form of facades. These facades are practical enough, but require knowledge of certain conditions.

ZGODA main activity is the manufacture of products from MDF. In the manufacture of the facades we used high-quality materials such as MDF and PVC film. The range of colors can satisfy any creative projects of our customers.

MDF is made by processing high-quality equipment. Large assortment of cutters can produce a wide range of fronts with a unique design.