Facades painted

Can you imagine a modern interior without furniture made of MDF? Yes, probably hard to imagine. Today, almost everyone knows that the MDF - it's convenient, safe, harmless, practical, economical and most importantly for the family budget.

MDF painted facades recently appeared in the furniture market. And in a relatively short period of time, have gained popularity among consumers. For example, kitchen of painted MDF - is an extraordinary work of art, known only from your home. MDF painted in the product looks so impressive, that certainly is a TOP of sales in the market. It will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs interiors.

Painting MDF - it is a time-consuming process. On the MDF board on sophisticated technology applied in several layers of dirt paint, dried, sanded, coated acrylic paint and varnish, followed by polishing.

ZGODA draws your attention to a wide range of 3 D painted panels. Unlike film facades, painted more resistant to damage, but the price is slightly higher. The customer provides a huge range of colors and shades, including matte, glossy and pearl effects.