Stained and glass

Word " stained glass " has a French origin (vitrage - "glass"). Now the picture is made up of pieces of colored glass, through which the light passes back in vogue. However, these works of art do not exist by themselves. Glass composition must fit seamlessly into the interior, so that it formed a single whole. The number of stained glass windows in the unit area should be limited, otherwise they would suppress not only each other, but the whole interior. Stained glass windows are exquisite decoration windows (windows with stained glass inserts), door panels, walls, sliding partitions, screens, skylights, ceiling, furniture, countertops, aquariums, etc.

Historically appearance stained tradition goes back to ancient times. Early stained glass windows are the adornment of the Christian churches, chapels and basil and is a mosaic composed of off glass in different colors. Technology, which were made stained glass in different periods of time were improved, introducing new ideas and solutions. Over time, stained glass became not just elements of architectural and interior decoration, and art is a reflection of the skill and talent of their authors. There are also new techniques that allow production of stained-glass windows of different levels of complexity.

Deposition of stained glass is the following: to the desired size glass applied MPE circuit made of polymeric materials, then filled in the gaps formed polymers of different colors. When you create a stained glass using modern polymers that are highly resistant to environmental influences and preserve the original color for many years.

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