3D panel

3D panel

     Looking for ideas for interior design?

Our company offers a wide range of decorative textured MDF   panels. 3D wall panels feature huge, and this is no exaggeration. They allow you to implement any architectural solution for a sufficiently small cost.


Using panels in the interior space

Interior designers believe that the premises should have the ideological grain, on which develop other architectural elements and decorations. The use of 3D panels as walls in commercial and residential is the most simple and efficient way to achieve this goal.

Save - easy

The 3D panels can instantly and easily transform the most ordinary interior into a luxurious and spectacular room. The main thing is that there is no need to buy expensive furniture or works of art, because the wall panels is a decorative element that will add uniqueness to your interior.

From wall to furniture one step

In addition to creating a unique style of wall panels and decorative elements of the room, 3D panels can be used to create furniture: a closet door, and small tables. They can make awesome bar, the front reception desk, the bed, and much more. Milling weight in any style, different material finishes will allow you to use wall panels as the central ideological image to create a unique design not only interior but also furniture.

What caused the use of the 3D-wall panels in interior design?

3D on the basis of MDF panels have the following characteristics:

- light and strong
- they can make the holes and bolted to the wall or bottom of profile
- economical
Comes in raw form and ready for finishing: painting or PVC film. The paint is recommended to apply after installation, because the material thickness in some susceptible to bending.

Specifications and features:
Maximum panel size: 2600 x 1200 mm, depending on the thickness of the panel image can be 10, 12, 16 and 19 mm.

The minimum size of the part with a picture (milling) - 300 x 120 mm.

Orientation milling. Most of the projects are available with vertical or horizontal orientation of the picture.
1) raw materials unfinished, ready to paint

2) finish with PVC film