Bedside back

All of our clients and customers have special needs. One looking for luxurious facades expensive film and milling in the classical style, the other - functional and not an expensive area, and the third -
something exclusive and unusual.

We want to help everyone!

Headboard, some elements of furniture, or a complete and harmonious set to create a comfortable bedroom - to make a cut on the individual in a modern or classical performance. Bedroom runs the stylistic unity of all things, may include: headboard for the bed (+ side-bar), wardrobe (4 doors, 4 pilasters), chest (4 drawer fronts on the lid), mirror and bedside tables (each on two boxes and two pilasters).

To realize the dream of a cozy and attractive bedroom with minimal material cost is possible by the use of modern material MDF. As the finish is applied PVC film that perfectly simulates various types of wood. Customers can choose the finish of walnut, beech, cedar, cherry, alder, and many other textures are present in our warehouse program.

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