Door overlays

Door overlays

Offer you the panel-lining for doors, manufactured using MDF covered PVC film by vacuum molding.

Door lining - specially created items for decorating doors. Despite the fact that they are assigned to a support role in the design of the premises themselves designers and builders know about the big "transformative" opportunities door linings. Professionals know how they can be of the most common standard door to make a work of art.

Door linings give a complete aesthetic appearance, and a variety of colors and frezerovok florists.

Colors and variety of images used for linings, allows you to choose the design for almost every taste. Can be manufactured in accordance with the individual needs of the client, which allows us unlimited possibilities for the design of doors. You can completely transform an ordinary door into a work of art to suit your tastes.

Linings for metal doors from MDF serve only a decorative function. Such a metal base plate closes the door. Many believe metal doors rude, sloppy, and some simply must preserve architectural view stairwell of a house in the historic center of the city.

Door panels have the following useful properties:
- aesthetically pleasing,
- improved heat and sound insulation in the room,
- durability and reliability,
- durability.