Korosten MDF plant

This plant MDF and HDF boards (Ukraine). The company set up to produce 900 cubic meters. MDF per day, which corresponds to the performance - about 300,000 cubic m. / year. The database includes all neobohdimo to produce quality products. In addition to the production line MDF plant has large storage space, network transport and communications, engineering networks. Location of the plant: Korosten, Zhytomyr region. For more details on the official website: www.kmm.ua

Сompany VINYL GROUP (Vinyl Group)

Company "Vinyl Group" on the Ukrainian market since April 2009. To date, the company offers: PVC film for membrane-vacuum pressing (matte, matte texture with deep, glossy, imitation leather, metallic, fancy, chameleon), PVC film for glass based on the adhesive (a variety of patterns and colors to suit taste) equipment. Over the years the Company "Vinyl Group" has significantly expanded its range of films. The collection is constantly updated with new films of colors and textures.
For more information on the official website: www.vinylgroup.com . ua

Сompany "Artel»

LLC "Artel" - one of the largest privately owned furniture companies in the south. Founded: 1992. The company sells PVC film ArtVinyl, made in Taiwan for facing furniture elements. Products represented by the wide range of colors (250 colors), has a variety of relief forms (EMBOSS ROLL) and version currently supports the continuous range of films: 45 of 25 matte and glossy. For more details on the official website: www.cnc.mk.ua

Company "Polifasad»

Company "Polifasad" was created in 2000. Based on individual engineering development began manufacturing furniture facades, door linings, countertops, curved facades, painted facade, frame fronts, beds and other components for the furniture industry. The main activities of the company since 2000, creating furniture MDF for kitchens, hallways, closets, beds, table tops of MDF full range of equipment for the production of furniture panels MDF sale of materials for the manufacture of furniture MDF (MDF and PVC film, glue and cutters). The equipment and furniture fronts "Polifasad" are popular not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, etc. For more information on the official website: www.polifasad.com.ua

Company TERMOPAL (Termopal)

company specializes in the sale of exclusive and high-gloss PET film, glossy and matte PVC film, furniture, paper lamination and wrapping, artificial stone, glue, decorative laminates and aluminum. The head office is located in Odessa, offices in Kiev and Moscow. For more details on the official website: www.termopal.com.ua

 Company GLOBAL (Global)

Company "Global", with his 15 years of experience in the market, constantly growing and improving in order to be the best in the business. The company is an import and export of office furniture and home accessories and component parts. The main specialization - decorative PVC film for furniture industry, designed to work on membrane (vacuum) presses, which are widely used for the production of MDF, finishing kitchens, doors, profile moldings, trim and windows sills. To date, sales of the company are carried out Bole than 25 strna world. The head office is located in Istanbul (Turkey).
For more information on the official website: www.globaltmr.com

Сompany HENKEL (Henkel)

Founded in 1876 in Germany, the company "Henkel" today represented all over the world. The activities carried out in three directions: detergents, cosmetics and personal care products, Klein technology. The company is a world leader in the manufacture of adhesives, sealants, tools for surface treatment, used as ordinary consumers and the industry. For more details on the official website: www.henkel.ua

SPV Company Ltd.

The SPV Company Ltd. founded in 1994 in Kiev. Through years of experience and impeccable reputation the company has become the undisputed market leader of Ukraine's security. The company specializes in introduction of innovative locking technology, imports the world's leading brands, including modern products of mechanical and electronic systems. The company is responsible for the quality of our products, takes on the responsibility for the implementation of the warranty the manufacturer of these products in the territory of Ukraine, and also provides a complete list of services: installation, repair and replacement of components, key making, re-coding locks, design and manufacturing of "Master the key". For more details on the official website of the company: www.spv.ua